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Condominiums on the sunny side

With its sun-drenched south-facing slopes, Oberägeri is the perfect location for an exciting new development project. EDENBLICK is a discreet and elegant condominium complex with sweeping views of Lake Ägeri and the lush green hills and majestic Alpine peaks that surround it.

EDENBLICK maximises its aesthetic appeal while mini- mising its environmental impact. Every aspect of the construction process and energy production prioritises sustainability. The use of premium natural materials and energy-efficient technologies protects the environment without compromising your comfort and well-being.

All EDENBLICK condominiums come with attractive and highly flexible floor plans that allow you to furnish and arrange your home exactly how you want it. Every condo- minium also has its own generously sized private balcony or terrace. There are also welcoming communal outdoor areas directly beside the condominiums and at the lakeside.

Terrasse 1 Edenblick


Nachhaltigkeit in der Immobilienwirtschaft
23. May 2024

Interview with Andreas Wende – sustainability in the real estate industry

Today more than ever, companies are required to act responsibly – towards society, their clients, their own employees and the environment. This interview with Andreas Wende, Head of Sustainability at Mobimo, discusses the importance of sustainability in the real estate industry, Mobimo's goals and measures, and how these are being implemented in the Oberägeri project.

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